A Coherent Narrative

An Elusive Diamond
R: Lloyd Lonergan. B: Lloyd Lonergan. D: David Thompson, Carey L. Hastings, Mignon Anderson. P: Thanhouser Film Corporation. USA 1914

The Bioscope, March 26, 1914:
“Here is a modest single-reel drama which is fully as good, and which contains fully as much incident and excitement, as many a much-boomed ‘feature’ three times the length. Of its kind, indeed, An Elusive Diamond, is quite a perfect little film. Every inch of it contains essential action; it is crammed with ‘thrills’; and yet it is all entirely natural, without any of the undue abbreviations often to be found in so comparatively short a picture. Admirably constructed, it is also admirably acted by some of the Thanhouser Company’s cleverest players, including that charming and accomplished young actress, Miss Mignon Anderson, who achieves a most sensational escape from a high window by swinging to earth on a slender bough of a tree, and Mr. Dave Thompson, who gives a wonderfully finished study of the villain of the piece, an impassive, shifty-eyed butler. The climax of the story is magnificently worked up, and one is held enthralled from beginning to end. It would be impossible to desire a better play of its type. An Elusive Diamond should be seen by everyone.”

“Screenwriter Lonergan‘s amazing versatility served equally well in several genres—here a one-reel adventure with crooks, ruses, kidnapping, escape, and a twist, all wrapped in a coherent narrative. There is successful pictorial telling of the setup and attempted theft, and a little cross-cutting as the police come to the rescue (rescue of the rock, as the resourceful heroine obviously needs no rescuing). Thanhouser’s popular Mignon Anderson’s climactic stunt work shows that the stock players were remarkably versatile.”
Silent Beauties

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