Explicitly Oedipal

Le nain (Partie 1/2)
R: Louis Feuillade. B: Louis Feuillade. K: Georges Guérin. D: Delphin, Renée Carl, Suzanne Grandais, Marthe Vinot. P: Société des Etablissements L. Gaumont. Fr 1912

“A manuscript is mysteriously delivered to a playhouse where it is eventually turned into a major hit with critics calling it a masterpiece. The only problem is that no one knows who wrote it. The actress of the play receives a call from the author and the two quickly becomes friends but the man won’t give any details about himself because he doesn’t want her to know that he’s actually a dwarf. This leads up to the woman getting his address and stopping by to pay a visit. (…)”
Michael Elliott

“Feuillade’s Le Nain (1912) explores a (…) explicitly oedipal infatuation.”
Richard Abel: The Ciné Goes to Town: French Cinema. 1896-1914. Berkeley-Los Angeles-London 1994, p. 335