D’Artagnan the Lion

La maison des lions
R: Louis Feuillade. D: Renée Carl, Paul Manson, Gaston Modot, Jean Toulout, Marthe Vinot, D’Artagnan the lion. P: Société des Etablissements L. Gaumont. Fr 1912
Print: EYE collection
Dutch titles

“The lion comedy originated in Europe. In Cretinetti nella gabbia dei leoni (1910), André Deed argues with a lion tamer, who takes revenge by tossing Deed into a lion’s cage. Deed succeeds in escaping the cage, but he is so upset by the experience that he is haunted by the visions of lions. Deed is sitting in a movie theatre watching one of his own films, when actual lions get loose in the theatre. (…) French filmmaker Alfred Machin produced travel films about big-game hunting prior to supervising comedy productions at Pathé’s Comica studios. Machin, who knew that a large-fanged predator coul thrill an audience, cast his pet panther Mimir in a number of comedies, including Babylas vient d’hériter d’une panthère (1911) (…) The trend continued with the Eclair comedy Gavroche fait une riche marriage (1912), in which a suitor seeks to impress a rich American woman by showing up at her house with a pair of lions. The same year, the Gaumont comedy La maison des lions (released in America as ‘House of Lions’) depicted lions escaping from a private menagerie and invading a fashionable party.”
Anthony Balducci: The Funny Parts: A History of Film Comedy Routines and Gags. McFarland 2011, p. 56