A New Sport: Skating 1912

A New Sport
P: British Pathé. UK/Fr 1912
Print: British Pathé Archive

“Paris. The new sport of “Cycle-skating”. Five men sit beside a car and fasten small wheels to their boots. They look very serious.
The wheels are like small individual unicycles and they fasten at the knee. C/U [i.e. close-up] of boot which has special grips which holds the wheels on to the feet. Man moves to show the camera how they work. He wheels his feet backwards and forwards – good C/U. A smooth surface is not essential for this sport, thus we see the men moving towards us through a forest on their wheels. They hold sticks and use them rather like ski poles to help them balance and propel themselves forward. L/S [i.e. long shot] of the men ‘skiing’ along a wide avenue in the forest, they move quite quickly. L/S of one of the men doing figure skating on the wheels.”
British Pathé