Capellani: Two Deadly Romances

Mortelle Idylle
R: Albert Capellani. B: André Heuzé. P: Pathé Frères. Fr 1906
Engl. subtitles

L’homme aux gants blancs
R: Albert Capellani. B: Georges Docquois (play). D: Henri Desfontaines, Marguerite Brésil, Alexandre Arquillière. P: Pathé Frères. Fr 1908
Engl. subtitles

“A major step forward since last year is the fact that we now have a reasonably complete print of L’Homme aux gants blancs. As it demonstrates, Capellani can cut in on those rare occasions when it’s necessary. Here we need to see the detail of the seamstress fixing a loose button on the new gloves, not just for its own sake but because those gloves will later be lost, found by a thief, and deliberately dropped beside the body of a woman whom the thief kills. The seamstress’ identification of the repaired glove leads to the arrest of the wrong man. In the final shot, the devil-may-care thief, witnessing the arrest, enjoys the irony by holding the door open for a police inspector and handing him his dropped cane. The ending is grim, since the paddy-wagon departs, leaving us to assume that the wrong man will be punished.”
Kristin Thompson on David Bordwell’s website on cinema

372-Rue Louis Besquel in Vincennes
The rue Louis Besquel, Vincennes, in Capellani’s L’Homme aux gants blancs
The Ciné-Tourist

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