Travelogues 1910

New York of Today
P: Edison Manufacturing Company. USA 1910
German titles
Engl. subtitles

A New York travelogue made for the European market

“In its time, this feature was filmed in large part as an invitation for tourists, especially from overseas, to visit New York. But the footage is interesting now for different reasons, as a portrait of what New York City looked like in 1910, and as an example of the development of early cinema techniques and methods. (…)
The camera movement is the most noticeable aspect of the technique, with the 1910 footage containing a number of smoothly done, effective pans. Then also, in a couple of scenes the camera moves upward to show the height of a skyscraper. These shots are not nearly as smooth as the horizontal pans, but in one of them there is an interesting (if possibly unintentional) effect, as the building outline fades away into fog or low-lying clouds.”
Snow Leopard (Ohio)

Madrid hacia 1910
No credits. Sp 1910
Print: Filmoteca Ministerio de Cultura