Chaplin 1914

Tango Tangle(s)
R / B / P: Mack Sennett. D: Charles Chaplin, Ford Sterling, Roscoe Arbuckle, Chester Conklin. USA 1914
Released March 9, 1914

“Mack Sennett arranged for his most important comedians  (…) to improvise a comedy filmed partly on location at the Venice Dance Hall on Abbott Kinney Pier. The film conveys America’s tango dance craze during the early 1910s. Sterling plays the bandleader, Arbuckle a musician, and Chaplin a drunken patron who all compete for the attention of the hat-check girl (Minta Durfee).”

Cruel, Cruel Love
R: George Nichols. B: Craig Hutchinson. D: Charles Chaplin, Minta Durfee, Edgar Kennedy. P: Mack Sennett. USA 1914
Released March 26, 1914

“The sequence in which Chaplin swallows a glass of water believing it is poison and later drinks a glass of milk as an antidote to the poison anticipates a similar sequence in Monsieur Verdoux (1947).”

A Busy Day
R: Mack Sennett. B: Charles Chaplin. D: Charles Chaplin, Mack Swain, Phyllis Allen. P: Mack Sennett. USA 1914
Released May 7, 1914

A Busy Day was filmed in Wilmington on April 11, 1914 during a dedication ceremony and parade celebrating the Los Angeles Harbor expansion. A split-reel comedy, A Busy Day was originally released with the educational film The Morning Papers.”

The Masquerader
R: Charles Chaplin. B: Charles Chaplin. D: Charles Chaplin, Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, Chester Conklin. P: Mack Sennett. USA 1914
Released August 27, 1914

The Masquerader is the second of three comedies in which Chaplin appears as a woman; the earlier A Busy Day has Chaplin in crude drag playing a shrewish wife; the later A Woman (1915) further develops what he achieved in this comedy: a brilliant transformation to a soft, feminine, and seductive woman. The Masquerader is also one of several Chaplin comedies, like the earlier  A Film Johnnie and the later His  New Job (1915) and Behind the Screen (1916), set in a motion picture studio.”

Jeffrey Vance, adapted from his book Chaplin: Genius of the Cinema. New York 2003
Charlie Chaplin

A Film Johnnie
R: George Nichols. B: Craig Hutchinson. K: Frank D. Williams. D: Charles Chaplin, Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, Peggy Pearce, Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling. P: Keystone Film Company. USA 1914

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