How to Fall in Love with a Stableman

Young Lord Stanley
B: Lloyd Lonergan. D: Justus D. Barnes. P: Thanhouser Film Corporation. USA 1910
Print: Library of Congress

“Whether this film will have any influence in inducing girls to accept the attentions of their fathers’ grooms on the supposition that they may be wealthy lords in disguise remains to be seen. But this girl, at least, was wooed and virtually won by a lord, who, down on his luck, had sought temporary employment as a groom. It is a romantic picture, affording ample opportunity for the imagination to run riot in a number of different directions. The spirit of the girl is best shown when she refuses to see the young Lord Stanley. whom her father wishes her to wed. But when she discovers that the groom to whom she had previously given her heart was Lord Stanley his reception is quite different from what she had originally planned. Much of human nature is disclosed in this film, even though it is, in a way, a travesty upon the way wealthy girls often fall in love with stablemen or others employed about their fathers’ places.”
The Moving Picture World, November 5, 1910

  Lloyd F. Lonergan