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R / P: Sacha Guitry. Fr 1914

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Sacha Guitry, original name Alexandre-Georges Guitry (1885 – 1957), prodigious French playwright, director, and screenwriter who often acted in his own productions. (…)
It is difficult to draw an absolute distinction between his work as an actor and as a playwright, for his art was always to some extent in the nature of brilliant improvisation. His output was enormous: he had over 90 plays produced out of 130 that he wrote. He wrote a number of serious plays for his father to act in, including ‘Debureau’ (1918), ‘Pasteur’ (1919), and ‘Béranger’ (1920). He wrote, directed, and acted in many motion pictures, of which the best known was perhaps Roman d’un tricheur (1936; “The Cheat”). His autobiography, ‘Mémoires d’un tricheur’ (translated into English as ‘If I Remember Right’), appeared in 1935. He was made commander of the Legion of Honour in 1936 and elected to the Académie Goncourt in 1939.”
Encyclopaedia Britannica