Noblesse Oblige

An Unsullied Shield
R: Charles Brabin. B: Charles Brabin. D: Wadsworth Harris, Marc McDermott, Margery Bonney Erskine. P: Edison Company. USA 1913

Film historian Philippe Garnier about Charles Brabin’s later career:

“History has been unkind to this man with the slight resemblance to Abraham Lincoln (tall with bushy eyebrows), relegating him to the ‘bottom of the list of cinema history’ and reminding us of epic failures such as the shooting of Ben-Hur, the superproduction for which he was ejected in 1925, says Garnier. But if Brabin ‘was aware of his disastrous track record’, based on poor screenplays chosen by MGM, says the film historian, ‘Brabin deserves to be rediscovered for a ‘delightful film’ like Sporting Blood (1931), where Clark Gable appeared for the first time, for the ‘breathless spectacle’ of The Valley of the Giants (1927), or for ‘the portrayal of a chilling prosaic of corruption’ in The Beast of the City (1932).'”
Rebecca Frasquet
Lumière festival 2012

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