A Romantic Comedy

A Serenade by Proxy
R: C.J. Williams. B: Al Giebler. D: Frank A. Lyons, Margery Bonney Erskine, Gertrude McCoy. P: Edison Company. USA 1913

Gertrude McCoy had been a child actress and appeared in vaudeville prior to making her screen debut in 1910. As a member of the first Edison stock company, McCoy appeared opposite the likes of Benjamin F. Wilson and Augustus Phillips in literally hundreds of one- and two-reel melodramas and comedies. She left Edison to freelance in 1914 and can be seen as Light in Maurice Tourneur’s beautiful 1918 version of The Blue Bird. Less busy in the 1920s, McCoy played Lady Hamilton in her final film, Nelson, produced in England in 1926 with Cedric Hardwicke in the title role. She was the wife of British actor/director Duncan McRae (1881-1931).”
Hans J. Wollstein ( All Movie Guide)
New York Times

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