A Dutch Chase Film

De mésaventure van een Fransch heertje zonder pantalon aan het strand te Zandvoort
R: Bernard (Albert) Mullens, Willy Mullens. K: Bernard (Albert) Mullens. D: Willy Mullens. P: Alberts Frères. NL 1905

“This short is among the oldest surviving Dutch fiction films.
In July 1905 several Dutch newspapers reported on a man who pulled off his trousers on a public beach at Zandvoort. Front page news, according to these newspapers. However, some of these newspapers forgot to mention that this unscrupulous incident was part of the production of this classic chase film.”

Another Mullens film:

Het Vogeltje
R: Bernard (Albert) Mullens. D: Anton Roemer. P: Alberts Frères Amsterdam. NL 1912

“In the press the performances of Alberts Frères were praised often because of the quiet projection, the variety of offerings in drama and comedy, their colour films and musical accompaniment, the explanations and lectures of Willy Mullens and finally cosiness and atmosphere of their theatre spaces. Also specific genres of film such as the coloured spectacles, auto races, nature films and actualities like The Zeppelin, are mentioned. Alberts Frères thus offered a total experience, an event, with films at the heart of that event.”
Kaveh Askari, Scott Curtis, Frank Gray, Louis Pelletier, Tami Williams, Joshua Yumibe (ed.): Performing New Media, 1890-1915. Indiana University Press 2014, p. 120

Further Reading:
Ivo Blom: Jean Desmet and the Early Dutch Film Trade. Amsterdam University Press 2000

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