Émile Cohl: Dreams and Nightmares

Un drame chez les fantoches
R: Émile Cohl. P: Gaumont. Fr 1908

Le cauchemar de fantoche
R: Émile Cohl. P: Gaumont. Fr 1908

Clair de lune Espagnol
R: Émile Cohl. P: Gaumont. Fr 1909

Le mobilier fidèle
R: Émile Cohl. P: Gaumont. Fr 1910

“He was the world’s first filmaker to devote himself exclusively to animation. In 1908 he amazed Paris movie audiences with his first film, Fantasmagorie, in which white stick figures cavorted against a black background. He went on to create some 100 brief cartoons, drawing and photographing each frame himself. Cohl introduced the first regular cartoon character, ‘Fantoche’, a little puppet who appeared in several of his films, and the first cartoon series, The Newlyweds and Their Baby (1912 to 1913). He also developed an animation trick he called ‘metamorphosis’, achieved through skillful use of line, in which a character or object seamlessly transforms into another. (Now known as ‘morphing’, Cohl’s idea is a staple effect of computer-generated imagery, in both animated and live-action films). Though rudimentary, Cohl’s surviving work still has the power to charm and amuse. Among his other films are The Puppet’s Nightmare (Le cauchemar de fantoche, 1908), The Moon-Struck Matador (1909), The Wonderful Adventures of Herr Munchausen (1910), and The Museum of Grotesques (1911).”
Bobb Edwards
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