Caserini’s Parsifal, 1912

R: Mario Caserini. B: Alberto A. Capozzi. K: Angelo Scalenghe. Ba: Arrigo Frusta. D: Dario Silvestri, Mario Bonnard, Mary Cléo Tarlarini, Maria Caserini Gasparini, Antonio Grisanti. P: Società Anonima Ambrosio. It 1912
Print: EYE Amsterdam
Dutch titles

“In 1904, Edwin S. Porter directed Parsifal, a twenty-five-minute silent screened in New York City. It consists of eight scenes from the opera, including ‘Magic Garden’ and ‘Return of Parsifal’. Other early silent films associated with Wagner‘s work include Franz Porten‘s Lohengrin (1907), in which the director played the title role and his daughter played Elsa; Pathé’s Tristan et Yseult (1909), directed by Albert Capellani; Ugo Falena‘s Tristano e Isotta (1911), which starred Francesca Bertini, one of the most celebrated film stars; and Mario Caserini‘s Parsifal (1912) and Sigfrido (1912). (…) In 1921, Max Reinhardt produced another Wagner silent film, Parzifal, a ‘Kinoweihfestfilm’ (a festival film for the consecration of a screen), a sarcastic challenge to the sacred status of Wagner’s ‘Parsifal’, which he called ‘ein Bühnenweihfestspiel’ (a festival play for the consecration of a stage).”
Jeongwon Joe, Sander L. Gilman: Wagner and Cinema. Indiana University Press 2010. Introduction by Jeongwon Joe, p. 4

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