The Colours of Pathé

Romeo e Giulietta
R: Ugo Falena. B: Augusto Genina, based on the play by William Shakespeare. D: Gustavo Serena, Francesca Bertini, Ferruccio Garavaglia. P: Film d’Arte Italiana / Pathé Frères. It 1912
Dutch titles

“Film d’Art and Film d’Arte Italiana were independent producers that had contracted for Pathé to serve as the ‘editeurs‘ whose duties included colouring the release prints. The aesthetic characteristics associated with these prints – the precise matching of colour and image shape and the restrained, muted hues – allowed Pathé to stress in its advertising the ‘realism’ of its stencilled films and thus compete with Kinemacolor and potentially other photochemical colour systems.”
Marta Braun, Charles Keil, Rob King e.a.: Beyond the Screen: Institutions, Networks, and Publics of Early Cinema. Indiana University Press 2012, p. 197

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