Film d’Art in Italy

Una congiura contro Murat
R: Giuseppe Petrai. B: Giuseppe Petrai. D: Giovanni Pezzinga, Fernanda Battiferri, Ciro Galvani. P: Film d’Arte Italiana, Roma / S.A. Pathé-Fréres, Paris. It 1912
Print: Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino
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“The King of Naples, Murat, while passing through the populous Neapolitan district of Santa Lucia, stops to save a young flower girl, Anna Perugini, from some drunken soldiers. Instantly the girl falls in love with her savior. Later she learns that her father, who is member of a conspiracy against the king, was chosen to kill him; but Anna manages to save him twice – although paying a high price.”
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About King Murat:
“The shortest-lived dynasty to rule the Kingdom of Naples in its long history was the one installed by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806. It was the second time in less than a decade that the French had ‘liberated’ Naples from the Bourbons. Earlier, in 1799, the forces of the revolutionary French Republic had set up and shored up the Pathenopean Republic in Naples; however, this sister republic to the south lasted a mere six months before the Bourbon rulers returned from Sicilian exile to restore their monarchy.
In 1806, however, France was firmly in the hands of Napoleon, who, this time around, was taking no chances. He chased the King and Queen of Naples back to Sicily and installed his own brother, Joseph, as King of Naples. Two years later he moved Joseph over to the throne of Spain and installed as King of Naples his sister Carolina‘s husband, Joachim (Gioacchino, in Italian) Murat, a trusted military aide. Murat already had a reputation as a daring cavalry leader, having distinguished himself in support of the French Republic and, later, Napoleon’s meteoric rise to power. Murat’s role in the Egyptian campaign (1798-99) and then in the battles of Austerliz and Jena was heroic. His rule in Naples would last until 1815 and would produce sweeping political and social changes way out of proportion to the few brief years involved.”
Naples: Life, Death & Miracles

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