An Italian Heroine: Berta Nelson

Vittoria o morte!
R: Unknown. D: Berta Nelson. P: Itala. It 1913
Print: Museo Nazionale del Cinema / EYE
Dutch titles

“The Silent American production of the 1910s was filled with adventurous heroines, ready to escape swimming from unexpected explosions, throw themselves from planes or running trains, get out of fights, spies and criminals. Italian action movies are poor of brave female protagonists and remain especially a men preserve. This charged-up example of spy film is a remarkable exception. Berta Nelson, who plays the role of Blanche, is as good as the American colleagues both for the athletic look and the determined character. She is also ready to take advantage of her female charm to have the robbed documents back and her relationship with her boyfriend is characterized by sharing risk and strong emotions. The film Vittoria o morte! characterizes also for the spectacular scenes, created by Segundo De Chomón, a real wizard of the special effects; his representation on the screen of fires and earthquakes was so famous that the flames are almost a trade-mark of the big productions of the Itala film studio, where Segundo De Chomón was working. Here, the bad on duty, after tying and gagging the heroin, burns down the boat Orione. The public doesn’t know if admiring the ability of the mise en scene more or the one of Blanche, able to get herself out of troubles in another hopeless situation.”
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