A Difficult Soirée

Up Against It
R: Otis Turner. B: George Elmore. D: King Baggot, Vivian Prescott, William Robert Daly, William E. Shay. P: Universal IMP (Carl Laemmle). USA 1912
Print: EYE / Desmet collection
Dutch titles

“Amos Bentley was up against it in more senses than one. Times were so hard with him that he had to part with the furniture of his little apartment in order to pay his debts. However, things were inclined to take a better turn for him. He was invited to be a guest of some friends of his. And between him and the daughter of the family some sort of heart interest was supposed to exist. Disinclined to accept the invitation at first, he yielded to the persuasions of his friend, the brother of the girl, and made his way to the host’s house. Unfortunately his nether garment gave way in a somewhat conspicuous place and in his attempts to conceal the tear while the evening party was in progress, poor Amos suffered a great deal of torture. (…)”
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