Visions from Holland

Maskeradefeest te Utrecht op 25 juni 1901
P: Filmfabriek F.A. Nöggerath. Ne 1901
Print: EYE collection

“The Nederlandsch Centraal Filmarchief was founded in 1919 with the goal of collecting films about the Netherlands for future generations. This short film calls on everyone to become a member of the archive, and to donate their negatives of any historical footage. To give an example of historical film footage, the film contains e.g. images of the Utrecht masquerade parade of 1901. In this film by Filmfabriek F.A. Nöggerath, a long procession of Utrecht students dressed in historical costume passes by. The parade was part of the annual celebrations of the University of Utrecht.”

Het dokken van een schip in de haven van Tandjong Priok
R: J.C. Lamster. P: Koloniaal Instituut Amsterdam. Ne 1912
Print: EYE collection
Educational film about the operation of the floating dry dock in Batavia (Jakarta)

“The administrative and mercantile heart of the Netherlands East Indies empire was its capital, Batavia. It developed around the old port of Sunda Kelapa but in 1887 the harbor was shifted to more modern facilities developed in Tanjung Priok several kilometers east. Today Tanjung Priok in Jakarta, capital of the Republic of Indonesia, remains the busiest port in the nation of l3,667 islands.”
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