Kri Kri, a Surreal Phenomenon

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Kri Kri fuma l’oppio
R: Raymond Dandy. D: Raymond Dandy. P: Società Italiana Cines. It 1913
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Raymond Dandy was born on October 14, 1887 in Gorée, Senegal as Raymond François Émile Marie Pierre Frau. He was an actor and director, known for Kri-Kri fuma l’oppio (1913), Kri-Kri senza testa (1913) and Kri-Kri è miope (1913). He died on February 9, 1953 in Paris, France.

“Born in Senegal in 1887, Frau began his career as a circus clown and acrobat in France where he performed in vaudeville circuits and café-chantants. In 1912 he started as comic actor at the Cines studios, establishing the internationally popular character of Kri Kri (…).
The Kri Kri films often contain surreal scenes. In a period when the artistic avant-garde was only slightly involved in cinema and Italian cinema was mainly a bourgeois enterprise, one is still astonished by the special effects need to create an unusual world, in which people decapitate themselves, in which gravity no longer counts and doubles walk trough mirrors and pester their ‘originals’. Just as the surrealists were inspired by the French farces, Italian comedies may have triggered the imagination of artists around the world.”
Ivo Blom: All the Same or Strategies of Difference. Early ltalian Comedy in Intemational Perspective

La tragedia di Kri Kri
R: Raymond Dandy. D: Raymond Dandy, Giuseppe Gambardella, Lea Giunchi. P: Società Italiana Cines. It 1913
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