Max Linder in Berlin

Max professeur de tango
R: Max Linder. B: Max Linder. D: Max Linder, Leonora. P: Pathé Frères. Fr 1912
Location: Berlin (Brandenburg Gate, Cathedral, Tiergarten, Reichstag/Parliament Building, Berlin castle, Friedrichstraße)

“Before departing for Chicago in 1916, Max Linder was already very well travelled. He had been several times to the French Riviera (Max à Monaco, Le Hasard et l’Amour) and to the Alps (Max fait du ski, Max asthmatique). He had been seen on the banks of Lake Geneva (Max entre deux feux), in Berlin (Max professeur de tango) and in Barcelona (Max toreador). (It is true that in Comment Max Linder fait le tour du monde, when he was supposed to be in China or Africa, he didn’t actually go anywhere.)”
The Cine-Tourist


Still taken from this print


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