An Everglades Western

The Witch of the Everglades
R: Otis Turner. B: Otis Turner. D: Kathlyn Williams, Charles Clary. P: Selig Polyscope Company. USA 1911
Filming Locations: Florida, USA
Print: EYE (Desmet collection)
German titles

“This Indian story gives an accurate reproduction of life in the Everglades of Florida as it was during the days of the Seminole Indians. In this picture a mother who survives an Indian massacre which her husband was killed, goes insane, her baby stolen and she left for dead. Sufficient instinct was left her to want to kill every Seminole she could find. Years afterward the blow of a bullet on the head restores her memory and she finds her daughter. The scenery is interesting and the characterization leaves little to be desired. The idea of losing the memory is not new. but it is worked out in a new way. In fact, the whole picture is well worth seeing. The woman is held in superstitious veneration by the Indians, which is a true portrayal of the way they look upon those who are wholly or partially insane.”
The Moving Picture World, May 13, 1911

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