Max, the Immortal Lover

Les surprises de l’amour
D: Max Linder, Jacques Vandenne. P: Pathé Frères. Fr 1909

“The story tells of two sons and a father, all of whom are paying separate and clandestine attentions to the same girl. They arrive one after the other, and are secreted in various parts of the room, where they remain until all three suddenly peep out together. The final scene, where the elderly papa is enjoining a discreet silence upon his son, is, perhaps the best thing of the kind Messrs. Pathe have yet done.” (The Bioscope, Oct. 21, 1909)

Le Hasard et l’Amour
R: Max Linder. B: Max Linder. D: Max Linder, Lucy d’Orbel, Georges Gorby. P: Pathé Frères. Fr 1915
German subtitles

The user kekseksa wrote on IMDb:

“The absurd current system whereby IMDb seems to privilege titles in English rather than the original titles of the films contributes to much confusion (as well as frequently making films unnecessarily difficult to find). (…) Les Surprises de l’amour (1909) and Le Hasard et l’amour (1915) both tend to get known in English as ‘Love’s Surprises’. Again most of the youtube offerings are of the first not the second film, whatever they may claim, although there is at least one correctly titled version of the later film. (…) Could we not please have a campaign to ensure that the original title of the film is ALWAYS the main one to appear and alternative English titles are relegated to a secondary position?”

Yes, I think, we should. KK