Pastrone’s Sherlock Holmes

Più forte che Sherlock Holmes
R: Giovanni Pastrone. K: Segundo de Chomón. Special effects: Segundo de Chomón. D: Emilio Vardannes, Domenico Gambino. P: Itala Film, Torino. It 1913
Print: Museo Nazionale del Cinema / EYE collection

“The most remarkable thing about this movie is its director, Giovanni Pastrone, who just a year later would produce the seminal epic feature film Cabiria. (…) The editing, in particular shows some sophistication, as do the camera angles. Although some scenes are shot strictly proscenium-style (the closing fight scene, for example), many are more creative. The cut to the over-the-shoulder shot to display the illustrations is much cleverer than simply cutting to a flat image of the paper (which is what Feuillade probably would have resorted to).”
Century Film Project


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