The oldest preserved Norwegian film

Under forvandlingens lov, eller Jo tykkere, jo bedre
(The rule of change, or The thicker, the better)
R: Halfdan Nobel Roede. B: Peter Lykke-Seest. D: Olaf Hanson, Ingeborg Hauge, Birger Widt, Signe Danning, Hans Hedemark, Bertha Ræstad. P: Internationalt Films-Kompani AS. No 1911
Print: Nasjonalbiblioteket / National Library of Norway
Engl. subtitles

Halfdan Nobel Roede‘s Under Forvandlingens Lov, eller, Jo Tykkere, jo Bedre is one of four feature films known to have been produced in Norway in 1911, and considered the oldest preserved Norwegian film extant.  An earlier work, Fiskerlivets Farer, eller, et Drama på Havet (‘The Perils of a Fisherman, or, A Drama at Sea’) was made in 1907, but no copies of it are known to still exist.  Under Forvandlingens Lov is a romantic comedy where Camillo and Fancisca discover that their spouses, Julia and Arthus, are having an affair.  They sedate the two and lock them into cages, until they get sick of each other.  Roede (1877-1963) was a friend of Edvard Munch, who sketched the director’s portrait around 1919-20.”
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Edvard Munch: Halfdan Nobel Roede (UNDL)

Peter Lykke-Seest (1868 – 1948) was a Norwegian poet, novelist, playwright, non-fiction writer, script writer and film director.  (…) He made his literary debut in 1896 with the poetry collection Hvide nætter, and published the novel Under Paddehatten in 1898. His most popular film was Historien om en gut from 1919. He published a book on the trial against Vidkun Quisling in 1945.

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