Siegmund Lubin’s Western Factory (1)

The Renegades
R: Francis J. Grandon. D: Edgar Jones, Clara Williams, Ferdinand Tidmarsh, Harry Berger, Ed Heptenstall. P: Lubin Manufacturing Company. USA 1912
Print: EYE
Dutch titles

“Shortly after the wars in the far west between the Indians and settlers, Jim Carson, a prospector and his pretty wife, settle in a cabin on the mountainside near his claim. Jim has a violent temper which has caused misery to his wife, but the day comes when she can no longer bear his cruelty and she decides to leave him. She packs a few belongings and is about to leave when a thirsty young prospector, in quest of water, stops her at the door. After receiving the filled bottle he asks to escort her safely over the mountains, not knowing why, or whither she is bound. She accepts his offer and they take up the tiresome trail. All would have gone well, had not a band of renegade Indians filled with liquor espied them. The Indians plan to exterminate the little party…”
Moving Picture World synopsis

The Deputy’s Peril
R: Francis J. Grandon. D: Edgar Jones, Clara Williams. P: Lubin Manufacturing Company. USA 1912
Print: EYE
Dutch titles

“Roger West, a United States Marshall, is temporarily stationed in a wild region at the Kentucky hills, to hunt down a band of counterfeiters supposed to be operating there. Roger is riding through a thicket where he meets Bess Adams, the daughter of one of the counterfeiters. A case of love at first sight develops, but Bess, fearing that Roger might learn of the existence of the counterfeiting plant, sends him away with a promise to meet him at another time. Roger prepares to mount his horse and ride away, when the appearance of what he believes to be a silver dollar attracts his attention. Upon picking it up he discovers it to be a counterfeit coin. This is his first clue. He follows Bess and comes upon the retreat of the counterfeiters. (…)”
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About Francis J. Grandon ((1879 – 1929):
“Before joining Metro Mr. Grandon was a director with the Triangle Company. He began his career with D. W. Griffith, at the old Biograph company, and was associated with Mr. Griffith for several years. Mr. Grandon then received an attractive offer from Lubin, and went with that company as their first director. Later Mr. Grandon joined the Selig‘s forces, and while with that concern directed and produced the first serial released in connection with syndicated newspaper stories. This was The Adventures of Kathlyn, with Kathlyn Williams, the star.”
The Moving Picture World, January 22, 1916

Grandon as Griffith actor:
A Beast at Bay (1912)
The Last Drop of Water (1911)
The Indian Brothers (1911)
Enoch Arden (1911)
The Lonedale Operator (1911)
What Shall We Do With Our Old? (1911)
His Trust (1911)
Ramona  (1910)
The House with Closed Shutters (1910)
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