A Financial Crime Drama, NYC

The Streets of New York
R: Travers Vale. B: Dion Boucicault (play). D: J.H. Roberts, Louise Vale, Madge Orlamond, Herbert Barrington, J.W. Hartman. P: Pilot Films Corporation. USA 1913
Print: EYE (Desmet collection)
Dutch titles

“The play takes place in New York City during the panic of 1907. Gideon Bloodgood, a prominent banker, is on the eve of absconding, owing to the affairs of his bank being in a precarious condition. At this juncture relief comes in the person of Captain Fairweather, who has sold out his interests in the Mercantile Marine Company, intending to retire from the active duties of his profession. Fairweather comes to Bloodgood’s bank; it is after banking hours, but he prevails upon Bloodgood to accept his money, amounting to $100,000, as a special deposit. News come that the captain who was to have taken command of Fairweather’ s ship has met with a severe accident and is unable to sail. His old employers prevail upon Fairweather to make this final trip. He is about to go on board when his attention is attracted by the newsboys shouting “Extra.” He buys a paper and is horrified to discover that Bloodgood’s bank is in a shaky condition. He rushes hack to the bank and demands his money (…)”
Moving Picture World synopsis

“Travers Vale (1865 – 1927) was an English-born silent film director. He directed 78 films between 1910 and 1926. (…) Travers Vale’s actual birth name was Solomon Flohm, son of Joseph Flohm and Esther Flegeltaub who were both Russian Polish Jews who had emigrated to the UK during the Crimean War. Soon after Solomon’s birth, they set sail to Australia on the SS Great Britain with other family members and ended up settling in Ballarat, Victoria (…). Family myth suggests that his first independent stage production [in which he used the name, Travers Vale] was when he produced a stage version of ‘The Mystery of the Hansom Cab’ – a ripping murder mystery novel written in Melbourne in the 1880s by Fergus Hume and contains many descriptions of Melbourne life at that time. Sometime late 1890s / early 1900s, he ventured with his wife (…) to India and then onto London. In London Leah gave birth to their first child, Violet Rachel Vale, in 1894. Some time later they arrived in the USA [probably Alabama] and Leah gave birth to their second child, Olga Vale, in 1900. Sadly Leah died in Alabama on 13 May 1904. Travers and his girls moved soon after to New York where he became involved in the early days of Vaudeville before the film industry headed emmass across the continent to Hollywood in the 1920s.”

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