Sidney Drew, Comedy Star

Jerry’s Mother-In-Law
R: James Young. B: Van Dyke Brooke (play), L. Rogers Lytton (scenario). D: Clara Kimball Young, Sidney Drew, L. Rogers Lytton, Kate Price, James Young. P: Vitagraph Company of America. USA 1913
Print: EYE, Desmet Collection
Dutch titles

“A two-reel comedy dealing with the family of a young married man, which is invaded by the wife’s aggressive mother. Kate Price proves very effective in this part and proceeds to stir up trouble for the newlyweds, portrayed by Sidney Drew and Clara Kimball Young. The situations are farcical and keep the audience in constant good humor. All of the scenes were good: The French ball, in the museum, at the club, the shower bath, shopping, etc. Married folks will particularly enjoy this.”
The Moving Picture World, November 29, 1913

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