Psychological Symmetry

Zia Bettina
R: Unknown. D: Ida Carloni Talli, Alberto Collo, Augusto Mastripietri. P: Cines, Roma. It 1912
Print: Museo Nazionale del Cinema

“Aunt Bettina is an old maid who lives of memories. One day she accepts to host a young niece of her, Margherita, who is sent by her parents to forget a love story. The aunt discovers, that the man her niece loves, is the son of her first and never forgotten love. Concerned that Margherita might have the same sad fate as her own, who could never marry the man she wanted, she decides to try to soften the heart of the old man. Taking advantage of the similarity between her and the young niece, she dresses her up like herself when she was young. The old Count, moved by the sweet memory, finally accepts their marriage.
The video is a copy from the film print held by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema: 35mm, positive, polyester, 168 m, 9′ at 18 fps, colour (Desmetcolor), Italian intertitles, silent.”
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541-zia bettina   Ida Carloni Talli and Augusto Mastripietri