One-Joke College Comedies

Revolution in a Bachelors’ Club
R: Unknown. D: Irving Cummings, Paul Panzer, Crane Wilbur. P: American Pathé Frères. USA 1911
French and Dutch titles

“Great excitement prevails in the clubroom over the question of woman’s suffrage and the boys all agree that never in all their mortal lives will they have anything to do with any woman. One particularly vehement denouncer of the fair sex hies him home about 1:30 A.M. to his apartment house, where only bachelors live and by a strange accident crawls into the wrong apartment. It seems that in the meantime a beautiful woman has moved into this apartment, and hearing the intruder enter and believing it to be a burglar, she hides under the bed. Here she is discovered by the bachelor, who thinks it’s a suffragette burglar, and rushes off to the club and later to the police station, with the whole club at his heels. They go with two officers to arrest the intruder, only to discover that Mr. Bachelor had been in somebody else’s quarters.”
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Willie’s Sister
R: Unknown. D: James Morrison, Earle Williams, Tefft Johnson, Anne Schaefer, Alec B. Francis. P: Vitagraph Company of America. USA 1912
Print: EYE (Desmet collection)
Dutch titles

“Willie Green, off for college, tearfully kisses Ma and Pa and Sister good-bye. Arrived on the campus, he approaches a grave and reverend senior to ask where the proctor is located. The senior knocks off his hat. Willie replaces it and laughs feebly at the joke. The senior sternly tells him to take it off and be respectful to his betters. Willie obeys, and awe-stricken, repeats his question. The senior points, Willie dodges, gathers up his suitcases and exits cautiously, watching the senior. The proctor places him in a room with a senior, who makes life a burden to him, using him as a valet.(…)”
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“Paul Panzer (3 November 1872 – 16 August 1958) was a German-American silent film actor. He appeared in 333 films between 1905 and 1952. Panzer was best known for playing Koerner/Raymond Owen in The Perils of Pauline. From 1934 through the 1950s he was under contract to Warner Brothers as an extra. He was born in Würzburg, Bavaria, and died in Hollywood, California.”

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