How Germany Prepares for WW I (2)

Die Freuden der Reserveübung
R: Charles Decroix. B: Charles Decroix. D: Richard Eichberg, Claire Praetz. P: Films Charles Decroix (Berlin). D 1913
Print: EYE film (Desmet collection)
Dutch intertitles and inserts

The director Charles Decroix belonged to the European film pioneers whose career began in France with movies like Pédicure par amour (1908), Une conquête (1909) with the legendary Max Linder, and Les paysans (1909). From 1910 Decroix started a successful career in Germany as director both in Germany and France. After the outbreak of World War I his career in Germany ended abruptly. He left Germany and went to Switzerland where he remained till to the end of the war. After the war Decroix tried to continue his career in his home country, but because of his active career in Germany before 1914 he failed to gain a foothold in the French film business again. So he returned to Germany where he realised two more movies as a co-director together with Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers.
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