Documentaries from Holland

Apeldoorn, groot nationaal muziekconcours
R and P unknown. NL 1912
Print: EYE

“Reportage about the four-day music competition in Apeldoorn. On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the Apeldoorn musical association ‘Harmonie’ organized a four-day national music competition. The event was staged on a grand scale: in addition to the competition, the audience was also able to visit a summer fair and an historical village. The reportage shows various locations and celebrations: the participants’ parade to the city hall, the performance of the festival march in the village square, the visit of Queen Wilhelmina, the fairground with the carnival, the historic village, and the concert. We also see organizing committee posing with Apeldoorn’s Mayor W. Roosmale Nepveu in front of city hall.”


De Rolmattenindustrie te Genemuiden
R: Jules Stoop. P: Filmfabriek Hollandia / Filmfabriek Polygoon. NL 1914
Print: EYE / Nederlands Film Museum

“Film producer and director Jules Stoop came from a family of manufacturers in Haarlem. In January 1913, he succeeded Jan Holtrop as the general mananger of Filmfabriek Hollandia. In 1917, he was also appointed general manager of the newly formed Nederlandsche Maatschappij tot Exploitatie van Witte Films, one of Hollandia’s affiliated companies.
The first film that Stoop directed was the Hollandia film Steenkolenmijnen in Limburg. Hollandia had meanwhile come into financial difficulties, prompting owner Maurits H. Binger to cooperate with the British distributor Harry R. Smith. This led to a collaboration under the name Anglo-Hollandia-films.
During the same period, Stoop wanted to leave Hollandia and start his own company. He came into contact with the brothers I.A. and B.D. Ochse, and together they founded Filmfabriek Polygoon.”

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