240- coal mining

A Day in the Hayfields
A Day in the Life of a Wigan Coal Miner
Amsterdam in en om de havens
Assembling and Testing Turbines
A Visit to Peak Frean & Co’s Biscuit Works
Coil Winding Section E
“Completion of The Northwestern Pacific Railroad”
De Rolmattenindustrie te Genemuiden
Die Lokomobil-Fabrik R. Wolf Magdeburg-Buckau
Girls Winding Armatures
Hollandse tulpen en klompen
Logging In Maine
Making Christmas Crackers
Manhattan Trade School for Girls
Panama Canal Construction
Panama Canal: Scenes of the Finished Canal
Panorama of Machine Co. Aisle
Panorama View Street Car Motor Room
Pennsylvania Tunnel Exvacation
Rice Harvesting in Japan
R.M.S.Olympic, Construction and Launch, 1908-1910
Steam Hammer
Testing Large Turbines
The Diver
Whaling Afloat and Ashore
Zavod Rybnykh Konservov v Astrakhani

Travelogues / Colonial Sujets
A Native Street in India
A Trip Through North Borneo
Aus dem Innern Afrika’s
Autotocht door Bandoeng
Banks of the Nile
Chasse à la panthère
Delhi grande ville de l’Inde Supérieure
Het dokken van een schip in de haven van Tandjong Priok
In de Tropische Zee
In the Land of the Head Hunters
La chasse à la girafe en Ouganda
Le Lac Majeur (La Suisse merveilleuse)
Le Vieux Delhi et ses ruines
Le village de Namo – Panorama pris d’une chaise à porteurs
Modern China
Montego Bay to Williamsfield, Jamaica
Nankin Road, Shanghai
Navigazione sul Nilo
Panorama of Calcutta
Pékin et ses environs
Promenade du dragon à Cholon
Repas d’Indiens
The Final Years of Qing Dynasty
Van Bingen tot Coblenz
Viaggio in Congo

Urban Life
Amsterdam, journaalonderwerpen
A Street Arab
Au Maroc : Tanger
Cleveland Fire Department
Comment les pauvres mangent à Paris
Delivering Newspapers
Electric Edwardians: The Films of Mitchell & Kenyon (31 films)
Feeding the Doves
Fire Rescue Scene
Japanese Festival
La crue de la Seine
L’après-midi d’une japonaise (Among the Japanese)
Living Hawthorn
London-Sidney Street Siege
Maskeradefeest te Utrecht op 25 juni 1901
Move On
Palace Pandemonium
Paris Fashions
Pazar i kasapi (Marketplace and Butchers)
Rice Festival in Kyoto
Royal Train
Seeing America’s Greatest Chinatown: San Francisco (Part I/II)
Star Theatre
Visual tour of a snowy, cold Halifax
Wiesbaden im Film

1818 to 1890s Bicycle Models
A New Sport
Ascensione al Cervino
Ascensione al Dente del Gigante
Automobiling Among the Clouds
Comic Costume Race
Escrime au sabre japonais
Floral Parade of Lady Cyclists
Flying the Foam and Some Fancy Diving
Fox Hunt
Fox Hunting
Hyde Park Bicycling Scene
Mât de beaupré
One Touch of Nature
Over the Top – A Battle with the Elements
The Derby
The Melbourne Cup horse races in Australia
Vintersport i Malmö
Wetzlarer Wintersport an der Brühlsbachwarte

Nature / Science
A Dash to the North Pole
A Storm at Sea
Au Japon le rapide de la rivière Ozu
Birth of a Flower
Cheese Mites
Dr. Macintyre’s X-Ray Film
Giant Trees of California
La vita delle farfalle
Le dytique
Le scorpion
Les salamandres
Moeurs des araignées des champs
Roald Amundsens ekspedisjon til sydpolen 1910-1912
Seven Ages of an Alligator
St. Kilda, Its People and Birds
The Acrobatic Fly
The Island Of St. Kilda
To Demonstrate How Spiders Fly

Arts and Artists
Claude Monet – Filmed Painting Outdoors
Edgar Degas – Filmed Walking Down a Paris Street
Pierre-Auguste Renoir painting

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