240- coal mining

A Day in the Life of a Wigan Coal Miner
Amsterdam in en om de havens
Assembling and Testing Turbines
Coil Winding Section E
Die Lokomobil-Fabrik R. Wolf Magdeburg-Buckau
Girls Winding Armatures
Making Christmas Crackers
Manhattan Trade School for Girls
Panama Canal Construction
Panama Canal: Scenes of the Finished Canal
Panorama View Street Car Motor Room
Pennsylvania Tunnel Exvacation
Testing Large Turbines
The Diver
Zavod Rybnykh Konservov v Astrakhani

Colonial Sujets / Foreign Countries
A Native Street in India
À travers le Portugal
A Trip Through North Borneo
Banks of the Nile
Chasse à la panthère
Delhi grande ville de l’Inde Supérieure
Het dokken van een schip in de haven van Tandjong Priok
In de Tropische Zee
La chasse à la girafe en Ouganda
Le Vieux Delhi et ses ruines
Le village de Namo – Panorama pris d’une chaise à porteurs
Montego Bay to Williamsfield, Jamaica
Nankin Road, Shanghai
Panorama of Calcutta
Promenade du dragon à Cholon
Repas d’Indiens

Urban Life
A Street Arab
Delivering Newspapers
Electric Edwardians: The Films of Mitchell & Kenyon (31 films)
Feeding the Doves
Fire Rescue Scene
Hollandse tulpen en klompen
La crue de la Seine
London-Sidney Street Siege
Maskeradefeest te Utrecht op 25 juni 1901
Move On
Palace Pandemonium
Paris Fashions
Seeing America’s Greatest Chinatown: San Francisco (Part I/II)
Star Theatre
Visual tour of a snowy, cold Halifax
Wiesbaden im Film

A New Sport
Escrime au sabre japonais
Flying the Foam and Some Fancy Diving
The Derby
Wetzlarer Wintersport an der Brühlsbachwarte

A Storm at Sea
Birth of a Flower
Seven Ages of an Alligator
St. Kilda, Its People and Birds
The Acrobatic Fly
The Island Of St. Kilda
To Demonstrate How Spiders Fly

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