Newsreels / Actualities


Aankomst Circus Carré
Aankomst der vredesconferentie te Haarlem
Aankomst van Paul Kruger te Amsterdam
Colonel Roosevelt is invited to fly in Arch Hoxsey’s plane at St. Louis, Mo., 1910

Death Jump – Eiffel Tower
Emigrants [i.e. immigrants] landing at Ellis Island
Emily Davison Throws Herself Under The Kings Horse
Execution of Czolgosz
Frühjahrs-Parade in Potsdam 
Fürstliches Familienglück

Funeral Of Queen Victoria
Galveston Hurricane and Tidal Wave of 1900
Imagens gravadas na ocasião do falecimento do Barão do Rio Branco
Intocht van hertog Hendrik van Mecklenburg en H.M. de koningin
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kejser Wilhelms ankomst til Toldboden
Kinderfeest op eiland Marken
King George V in Paris
King George V Visit to Paris and City of London
Kreis-Tierschaufest (Ochsenfest) in Wetzlar
Lord Mayor’s Show
Naming the Federal Capital of Australia, March 12th 1913
On to Washington
Opening the Williamsburg Bridge
Pathe’s Animated Gazette
Ruins of Chinatown
San Francisco: Aftermath of Earthquake
Surviving Confederate Veterans of the American Civil War in Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Te water laten van de ‘Koningin Regentes’
The Burning of Durland’s Riding Academy
Theodore Roosevelt in Africa
Titanic Disaster-Genuine Footage
Trafalgar Square Riot


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