“Titanic” or “Olympic”?

“One of the common frustrations for any researcher is the seeming lack of and/or inaccurate film footage of Titanic and her two sisters Olympic and Britannic. (…) Newsreel strands, such as the Gaumont Film Company’s Animated Weekly, made up for the lack of footage of the ship itself by splicing in newly shot material of the aftermath of the sinking. These included scenes such as Carpathia arriving at New York, the Titanic survivors disembarking and the crowds gathering outside the White Star Line offices in Brooklyn as lists of the casualties were being posted. Gaumont’s Titanic newsreel  [ >>> Fiction and Newsreel] was hugely successful and played to packed houses around the world. The first Titanic newsreels appeared in Australia as early as 27 April, while in Germany the Martin Dentler company promised that its Titanic newsreel would ‘guarantee a full house!’.(…) Some movie companies tried to make up for the lack of footage by passing off film of other liners as being of the Titanic, or marketing the footage of Titanic‘s launch as showing her sinking. (…) The most common error – and seemingly not accidental either – was to describe footage as being of Titanic when in actual fact it was her older sister Olympic. This issue persists until today. Even a casual search on YouTube will show a myriad of results describing Titanic when it is not. That such an error is not accidental can be seen by the fact that the names of the tugs have been removed from the footage so as to conceal its whereabouts and that it is actually Olympic, not Titanic. ”
Wikipedia  / William Murdoch Net

R.M.S.Olympic, Construction and Launch, 1908-1910
P: Kineto. UK 1908-1910

Newsreel footage of the construction and launch of R.M.S. Olympic at Harland and Wolff, Belfast, Ireland. Olympic‘s keel was laid in December 1908 and she was launched on 20 October 1910. The original newsreel was shot on 600 feet of silent, black and white 35mm film by the production company Kineto and had German titles. Original newsreel footage has been converted into HD and audio recreated.
The Life and Mystery of First Officer William Murdoch

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