Asta Nielsen: Zapatas Bande

Zapatas Bande (Fragment)
R: Urban Gad. B: Urban Gad. K: Axel Graatkjaer, Guido Seeber, Karl Freund. D: Asta Nielsen, Fred Immler, Senta Eichstaedt, Adele Reuter-Eichberg, Mary Scheller, Hans Lanser-Rudolf, Carl Dibbern, Max Agerty, Ernst Körner, Erich Harden. P: Projektions Aktiengesellschaft Union-Film (PAGU). D 1914
Dutch intertitles

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Nielsen was recruited to work in the German film industry, where she soon became one of the most successful and aggressively marketed film stars of the period. (…) In an era when actors and actresses were rarely credited on-screen for their roles, Nielsen’s global fame and the commercial success of her films gave her the necessary leverage to demand an active role in the production of her own films. In the summer of 1911, Austrian film distributor Christoph Mülleneisen orchestrated an agreement among several German film production companies, including Paul Davidson’s Projektions-AG Union (PAGU) and Carl Schleussner’s Deutsche Bioscop, to establish a new monopoly distribution company, Internationale Film-Vertriebs-GmbH, based in Vienna and headed by Davidson, which would distribute thirty-two Asta-Nielsen films over the next four years. Historian Andreas Hansert documents that Nielsen agreed, in exchange for an annual salary of 80,000 German marks, 33.3% of the revenues generated by her films, full artistic freedom in choosing her screenplays, costumes, and supporting actors, and, perhaps most importantly, the right to be directed exclusively by her soon-to-be husband Gad. As a result of these favourable contractual terms, Nielsen was able to be intimately involved in the creation of both her films and her public persona, unlike many Hollywood stars whose image was dictated by the studios.”
Julie Allen
Women Film Pioneers Project

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