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Mabel and Fatty viewing the World’s Fair at San Francisco
Mabel’s Blunder
Mabel’s Dramatic Career
Mabel’s New Hero
Mabel’s Stratagem
Mabel’s Wilful Way
Madam Blanche, Beauty Doctor
Madamigella Robinet
Milling the Militants: A Comical Absurdity
Mr. Flip
Mrs. ‘Enry’ Awkins
Noch pered Rozhdestvom
Operating on Cupid
Oscar rencontre Mademoiselle Manageot
Our New Errand Boy
Petticoat Camp
Polidor al club della morte
Polidor contro la suocera
Polidor e i gatti
Polidor vuol suicidarsi
Pool Sharks
Revolution in a Bachelors’ Club
Rigadin aux Balkans
Rigadin et la doctoresse
Rigadin et l’escalope de veau
Rincasare non è sempre facile
Ringvall på äventyr
Roman s kontrabasom
She wrote a play and played it
Shot in the Excitement
Sick Kitten
Stenographer Troubles
Stolen Glory
Suing Susan
Tangled Tangoist
That Little Band Of Gold
The Biter Bit
The Danger Girl
The European Rest Cure
The Farmer’s Daughters
The Flappers and the Nuts
The Gibson Goddess
The Gusher
The Hand Bag
The Magic Glass
The Marvelous Marathoner
The Miller And The Sweep
The Millionaire Cowboy
The New York Hat
The Pickpocket
The Picture Idol
The Ragtime Band
The Right Number, but the Wrong House
The Rough House
The Sculptor’s Nightmare
The Skeleton
The Stumbling Block
The Suburbanite
The Water Nymph
Toffe jongens onder de mobilisatie
Tontolini Ipnotizzato
Trial Marriages
Twee zeeuwsche meisjes in Zandvoort
Tysiacha v toraia khitrost’
Una tragedia al cinematografo
Under forvandlingens lov, eller Jo tykkere, jo bedre
Une opération mouvementée
Un successo diplomatico
Up Against It
Vendetta d’amico
Vor dem Damenbad
Watersnood in buurt
When a Man Loves
When Persistency and Obstinacy Meet
Willie’s Sister
Wished On Mabel
Wo ist Coletti?
Young Romance

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